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Electro-Dermal Screening or Bio-Energetic Stress testing measures your body's energetic imbalances, to help identify problem areas even before disease can manifest itself. Early detection of energy changes in acupuncture points will direct us to where attention needs to be given to keep energy to organs vital.

BioMeridian's MSAS is a highly advanced galvanic skin response testing device used for meridian stress assessment. A small electrical current is passed through a probe at individually selected acupuncture points on the hands and feet which are associated to different organ systems. 

Dental issues, subluxations of the spine, parasites, chemicals, viral patterns and digestive issues are just some of the causes of ill health.

Allergy Testing

Testing electrically for stress caused by foods, household chemicals, airborne allergens etc. can be very useful in identifying everyday exposures to your body that are intolerable. On an ongoing basis these can then accumulate to cause chronic fatigue and toxicity resulting in damage to intestinal tissue, low energy and lowered immune system capability. Over time, your diet may be making you sick. I have compiled a diversified list of the most common allergens, comprised of foods, chemicals, and environmental items which we will test electrically against an allergy acupuncture point. The test is painless

and is suitable for children as well as adults. There is no breaking of the skin, simply a small electrical current applied with a probe which can not be felt by the individual. A complete list is provided at low cost as opposed to expensive blood typing response ($400) which must be sent to a US. lab for results.

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