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About Me

 I have been performing health evaluations as a Qualified MSAS technician for 23 years. I have a private client base and also work extensively for Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Dentists whose practices are enhanced by the in depth information that can be provided by doing an energetic evaluation. Doing chemistry evaluations such as blood, saliva and urine do not always give us the deeper picture of a health situation.Your body must be evaluated as a whole, taking into consideration, diet, lifestyle, emotional issues and weaknesses as well as the pathogenic component that can thrive in a low energy environment. When all of these pieces of the puzzle are revealed, a treatment protocol can be tested for compatibility specifically for you. 

When you come to me for a Full Evaluation, we will discuss diet, and I will make recommendations based on your blood type and what is going on in your body. We will complete a full electro-dermal screening evaluation which includes all the organs and organ systems, checking for the frequencies of Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Heavy Metals. Dental issues will be canvassed as well. When all is completed, recommendations will be made for bringing the body back to balance and eliminating all that does not belong there. You will leave with your supplement program and be retested in approximately 6 weeks. A full evaluation is made once again and compared to the previous testing to evaluate progress. This systematic approach becomes an efficient way to gauge our success.

 Home Office 

36 Shanty Bay Road

Barrie, ON L4M 1C8

New Barrie 


Barrie Office


Phone: 705-726-8823                                                                                                   




Mon - Wed 10AM - 5PM

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