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My Son was referred to Irene by Dr. Roger Turner for additional testing and treatment to help support his medical and behavioural issues. Specifically my Son (at the time age 5) was struggling with multiple diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mild Intellectual Disability, Asthma, Eczema, Anaphylactic peanut allergy and multiple ear and upper respiratory infections accually. I had tried all of the conventional medical treatments and therapies but nothing was working. We met with Irene and she immediately identified the root causes for all of his issues. She focused on diet, supplementation and detoxification. My Son was full of heavy metal toxicity and GI issues primarily due to vaccine damage and diet issues. She immediately changed his diet and put him on specific supplements to address his internal issues. To my surprise, within one week of following Irenes's protocol, we saw immediate results with a change in his behaviour, gained immediate eye contact for the first time and eliminated his eczema. My Sons school wrote to me that week asking what I had done with my Son as they had noticed significant changes in him. Within one month his asthma was gone and he was no longer using his puffers. Within 3 months we were able to challenge and beat his anaphylactic peanut allergy. I was so impressed with the results for my Son, I decided to have Irene create a protocol for me. To my surprise I lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks just by following the diet and taking the supplements. Within 2 months I was down a total of 25 lbs. Its been over 2 years of working with Irene and I have kept all 25 lbs off with zero exercise. Both of my kids have not been sick or needed any antibiotics or medical treatment in over 2 years (currently ages 5 and 8). I am always so grateful for Irene's wisdom, guidance and support. She has completely changed our lives and I will forever be indebted to her.

Tanya M.

I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes about 10-12 years ago. I was taking upwards of a total of 64 units of insulin daily and seeing an Endocrinologist on a quarterly basis. With each visit, I was getting more discouraged with the weight gain and no change in my blood sugar levels. I was told they were focusing more on my blood sugar levels and not to worry about the weight gain as insulin retains weight.

I first heard of Irene in July 2018 from a friend as well as watching a documentary on Netflix called "The Magic Pill" Both of these prompted me to take matters into my own hands and make an appointment with Irene right away. Seeing Irene opened my eyes to how the body and diabetes actually worked. She advised me of my blood type and the foods I should avoid based on my blood type. I had told her about the documentary and me possibly changing my eating habits to a Ketogenic Diet. Irene told me this would be the best thing for my situation and could guarantee me that eventually with work and discipline I could get off the insulin.

My second visit is September - I had also seen my Endocrinologist who was happy with my results and was told to keep up with whatever I was doing. My Endocrinologist was impressed enough to make my next appointment for 5 months instead of 3. This was all as a result of working with Irene for 3 months.

In December 2018 (3rd visit with Irene) I had lost a total of 27 lbs and reduced my insulin intake to 1/4 of what I had been taking and for the first time my blood sugars were no longer in the double digits.

My goal is to continue on this journey and hopefully no longer have a requirement for insulin. Clearly taking that first step to seeing Irene has been the best step!!

Susan N.

Each time I have an appointment with Irene I leave with a hard copy report regarding the current state of my health. It accurately details areas of my wellness from organs to joints, hormones to circulation and so much more. These reports also contain the data from the previous visit so that one can see the changes and progress being made in ones health.

I also leave every appointment with a specific plan of action for my individual needs such as what nutritional plan is best for me, what remedies, vitamins and minerals etc. I need and how much of each one my body is asking for.

It has always been my experience in the years that I have been a client of hers that I can count on Irene to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in innumerable health care issues and practices, etc.

From one appointment to my next, Irene consistently provides me with thorough care and heartfelt honesty. I love knowing that I can count on her to be direct and truthful but also professional and compassionate to name a few of her qualities.

Irene has proved time and time again that she truly cares about my family's and my whole wellness. I believe this to be the case with any of the clients she works with. What is more, Irene is willing to work in conjunction with other medical and health care professionals as is timely and correct for the ultimate benefit of her clients. Your openness, honesty and willingness is important to this work as well.

I go to Irene to be proactive in my wellness and to receive solutions for any health related and well being needs that might arise. Furthermore I go to Irene to receive consistent, positive and long term gains in terms of my health and well being. Irene is ready to go to work for your health care if you are.

I am the healthiest I have ever been since becoming a client of Irene's and this consistent wellness feels amazing. I am so grateful for having Irene and her incredible work in my life.

Pamela M

Irene Gerber has been my son's Holistic Practitioner since the fall of 2015.

She is one of a kind. Irene listens to what the client is saying and more importantly not saying. She is not only absolutely brilliant but extremely generous with her time and has always made herself available for questions and concerns. To each appointment she brings a sense of humor and a game plan all the wile instilling a confidence that you are not doing this alone. She is there every step of the way.

My son was diagnosed with sever autism many years ago and given not much hope for improvement. She has made great strides with Irene's guidance and her continuing research. She will never give up trying to advance my son to the healthiest and most wonderful level that he can possibly achieve. Our family thinks the world of Irene, her knowledge and expertise are invaluable and we consider ourselves so very fortunate to have found such a dedicated wonderful Practitioner.

Margaret S.

After being told by my Cardiologist I was dying and to get my affairs in order, my Chiropractor told me- not suggested - go see Irene.

The series of visits over near 13 years and supplement regimes that cleaned up my circulation so that by 2012 allowed me to finally walk 4 miles per day, ski and split wood ever since. It also improved my bone density. My overall improvement qualified me to have a major heart surgery to install a new valve and reshape the interior of my heart corrected 99% of my irregular heartbeat and with supplements to support the heart and getting off caffeine as Irene suggested corrected near completely.

My many blackout spells began to disappear after 6 weeks of her treatment. I knew then that death was removing itself from my doorstep.

Eric P.  

I could not find any answers to my health problems! After many years of searching I found Irene and Bio-Calibration. Its is a wonderful tool to help identify the source of the problems and what will help in healing. I found Irene to be a very skilled and compassionate Practitioner. With her years of experience she has great knowledge and insight. I would highly recommend Bio-Calibration with Irene to end frustration and get on a path of healing.

Terri W.

I first saw Irene about 6 or 7 years ago after Western medicine had failed me. I had seen a few naturopaths here and there but had always been simply advised to change my diet (cut out wheat and dairy) and to take some vitamin D, which didn't help much. Due to a lot of stress, the incorrect diet, and (as it turns out) untreated issues from childhood I became increasingly ill. My friends and family grew frequently concerned, and they would check in on me on a daily basis to ensure I was okay. Doctors didn't know how to help me and would come up with a new diagnosis on a daily basis, from pre-diabetes to endometriosis, and would put me on a prescription plan that only made me sicker. My father had a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer and had been treated by Irene. This friend had strongly suggested my father take me to see Irene as he was convinced she would be able to help me. I was so sick, that I don't even remember my first visit to see Irene. I don't remember the 3-hour drive, much of the initial consultation, or getting back home. However, what I can tell you is that one week after seeing Irene and following the plan she had set in place, I was getting out of bed on my own, feeding myself, and having the energy to stay awake and remember my day (which I hadn't been able to do for 3 months). Meeting Irene was the biggest blessing, and I'm forever thankful for her help and guidance (and also to my amazing parents for taking care of me during this time). Not only has she helped me heal my body, but she has taught me how to understand it's complexities, and how to recognize the signs in order to keep myself healthy. Following Irene's plan takes a lot of dedication and hard work, but the results are incredible. To this day, I send all my friends and family to see Irene, and strongly recommend everyone to do the same!

Toni D

"The screening and service that Irene provides has been a tremendous education to our family on the imbalances in our systems that can describe root causes of health issues and overall total body function and health. If you are looking for a more complete, broader set of information on your body and how it is functioning, a visit to Irene is time well spent."

Bill H

I found my way to Irene’s office 7 years ago when traditional western medicine was not able to diagnose and treat my health issues. She is a wellness expert like no other. She guided me through a wellness journey I had no idea my body needed. I have since had two amazing healthy pregnancies, and have two beautiful, healthy, and well toddlers. I feel empowered knowing that any ailment myself or my family faces, can easily be tackled by her testing and knowledge of the physiology of our bodies, and rectified right away. I am passionate about the wellness of my family and have found an amazing resource in Irene. She is always just a phone call or e-mail away and has never steered me wrong. I have recommended her services time and time again because there is never any doubt in my mind that she will get to the root of the cause and heal the body naturally.
Jenny R

Having been diagnosed with bladder cancer approximately 10 years ago I started a mission to find the best healthcare I could possibly find. I, like most sought out the best “Western Medicine” practitioners that I could find. I ended up at the Cleveland Clinic where they put you through a very thorough health examination in which you sit down with the attending Dr and review the results at the end. In my discussion with the Dr I had mentioned I had some issues with my teeth. A big grin came on his face and he explained to me that his Father-In-Law had Stage 4 prostate cancer and he had gone to this woman in Barrie, ON. He wasn’t certain what she did but his Father-In-Law had a ton of dental work done and takes a ton of tinctures and supplements. The results he said were quite amazing as he had refused all chemo, radiation (slash, burn, poison) and all of the traditional ways of treating cancer. He had been cancer free for 7 yrs at the time of speaking to him!

This was my introduction to the “woman in Barrie” – Irene Gerber.

My 1 visit to Irene was a bit of an eye opener. I asked her if she wanted to know anything about my health history. She simply replied – no it is not necessary I will tell you. After about an hour of testing she handed me a computer printout outlining basically everything in the human body with a gradient scoring system. I was shocked at the accuracy of her testing. I left with some different tinctures and some reading materials re issues with root canals.

After doing much research I made the decision to have all of the root canals removed and follow Irene’s protocol. All of the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. The root canalled teeth fell on the same acupuncture meridian point which drain to the bladder where the cancer existed. Almost 10 years later and NO CANCER !!!!!!

I have become a strong believer in the Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) System that Irene uses. Many hospitals in the US have now adopted its use when traditional tools such as X-Ray, Cat Scan, MRI have failed in diagnosing the issues of their patients. They should be using this technique 1 as it would be less burdensome and more cost effective for the healthcare system and I believe more accurate.

Irene’s skill of using the equipment and her ability to treat are brilliant. I have referred dozens of colleagues and friends to Irene and will continue to do so.

Ken F

I first met Irene in 2016. I was recommended to her by a relative of mine who had outstanding results in more than one way.

Before meeting Irene, I was eating a healthy diet and exercising for over 2 hours each day, 5 times a week without seeing any results for several years. After consulting my family doctor and being told that all I needed to include was more fiber, I knew I needed to seek other advise. 

When meeting with Irene and discussing concerns, she was immediately able to tell me that I was dealing with digestion issues, under-active thyroid, and many other issues related to why I was unable to be successful in a weight lose journey, despite all my hard work and efforts with diet and exercise. She actually suggested that I stop working out for a while as the stress on my intestines from excessive exercise was doing more harm than good. She created a meal plan and recommended supplements that work best for my body. Within 2 months of following this new plan, I was able to drop 20 pounds, without working out, and I noticed a massive difference in the way my body functioned as a whole. Since then, Ive been able to keep the weight off, and feel better then ever. I have also learned the importance of always keeping up with the correct supplements for your body. There was a time where I stopped taking a few supplements simply because I had not made it a priority to buy more. During that time, I felt my body slipping back to its old ways. This reminded me how vital it is to listen to my body and give it what it needs to continue to be healthy. I have learned a lot from Irene about proper nutrition. It took a great deal of dedication and consistency but I learned that it is way more than just eating right and exercising regularly. In order for those two key elements to help you be successful, your body may need other supports. This is where the supplements that Irene recommends for your body are so important to your bodies overall health and wellness. I am so grateful for Irene's professional guidance and advise over the past few years, she has helped me to reach goals that I could not have reached without her support.

Adrianna B

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